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New Moon Wellness

New Moon Wellness QC
Welcomes You

Our emotional wellness affects every aspect of our lives, and seeking mental health counseling from a licensed professional can be an essential step towards achieving balance.


New Moon Wellness QC is ​dedicated to creating a space that is supportive and empowering, where clients feel safe to slow things down & untangle the challenges of life through evidence-based therapy practices.

If you have questions about the Counseling process, please email

Diane Hudson


Reasons to Go to Counseling


"Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey.

That's Fine.

It's Not Their Journey

To Make Sense Of. 

It's Yours." 

              - Zero Dean

"You Alone Are Enough.

You Have Nothing To Prove To Anybody."

         - Maya Angelou

New Moon Wellness QC, LLC

Office Address

2435 Kimberly Road, Suite 205N

Bettendorf, IA 52722


Call/Text: 563.484.0266


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